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Where genocide is legal by Shahana Fatima

There is a place no one wishes to speak of,
A place where silence and complacence is creed,
Governed by injustice,
Bloodlust and greed.
A place of constant mourning,
Lamenting and sorrow,
Where precious loved ones are laid to rest,
With no dreams of tomorrow.
It’s a place where hopes are shattered,
Where hope can dare to hope no more,

Where suffering is the only option,
Peace aloof; like never before.
It exists, this place, I assure you so,
On God’s green Earth, a gift to mankind!
Now ruled and represented ,
By the deaf, dumb and blind,
Where humanity is slaughtered
By bullets, guns and ambition,
Where genocide is legal,
Without pre-condition!
Do you know of this place?
Tell me! Do you know?
Has anyone shown you,
Where rivers of tears and blood flow?
Where prayers are unanswered,
And cries are unheard.
Where faith is punished
And justice unserved.
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